Web Application Development

Application Development

End to end development

The Empressem web team has experience in launching products from scratch - from an idea to a full fledged working app in production. The skills required to launch a product from the idea stage requires more than technology expertise - It requires the ability to understand the domain, the behavioral patterns of the end users of the app, the science of usability and last but not the least, the technology skills to execute on all this to build a scalable solution. Our project management team is put in place to make sure that the development process is iterative; and you, as a customer, are involved in every phase of that development process. This ensures easy communication and continuous incremental progress. We have built minimum viable products as well as complete solutions for our clients.

Project / Product maintenance

If you have your project or product live and you require expertise to maintain or add functionalities to the existing tech stack, you can engage our team for the same. We also undertake projects that require migrating your app to a different technology altogether.

Web Technologies
  • Amazon AWS
  • Webservice API Integration
Application Platforms
  • Salesforce.com